COVID-19 Protocol

COVID-19 Protocol

COVID-19 Protocol

COVID-19 Protocol

COVID-19 Protocol

COVID-19 Protocol


Navajo Nation is currently on Public Health Emergency Order No. 2020-04; Emergency Stay at Home (Shelter In Place). We all need to be cautious and only provide essential services, as long as there are enough staff and PPE available.

  • Sanitize products and equipment before leaving the clinic & before leaving site.

  • PPE Required - Masks, eyewear, and long sleeves during the time of services.

  • Social Distancing - Owners stay away from technicians at least 8-10 feet while operating squeeze chute or administering vaccinations, health checks, and tagging. Please no more than 2 clients in the area of services.

  • Sanitizing before entering back vehicle.

  • Wipe down & sanitize vehicle - Interior/Exterior, before and after services.

  • Clients should wear a mask at all times (NO MASK NO SERVICE).

  • Pack a hand washing station for Veterinary Staff (gallon H2O/Hand Soap)

  • Any client(s) that show signs of sickness - We will reschedule services.

** Due to Dikos Nstaigii-19 (Covid-19), PPE are required for yours & our safety. No services will be provided if the Protocols are not followed. This is for our safety and yourselves.


  • Washing your hands with warm water and soap often for at least 20 seconds

  • Cover coughs and sneezes (with/out masks)

  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth

  • Staying home if you are sick

  • Avoiding contact with people with sicknesses/symptoms

  • Cleaning/sanitizing common areas and "high-touch" surfaces

  • Avoiding large gatherings and crowds